Gingerbread Making

It’s a few weeks before Christmas and with all the commotion things can get hectic. Making a gingerbread house is perfect if you want to have fun! Here are the steps to make the ultimate perfect gingerbread house.

Gabriella Hryb

How to Make the Perfect Gingerbread House


Step 1: Purchase a gingerbread house from your local convenient store. It comes with all the essentials you need to make a proper gingerbread house.  

Step 2: Start assembling your walls together. The icing acts as glue to hold the walls together. Do one wall at a time, waiting for one to dry before you go to the next.

Step 3: Let your house dry for at least 1 hour before decorating!

Decorating your house:

Get all your favorite candies and snacks. Get creative with it and have fun!