Is the US Still on Top?

Jenna DeLuca, Editor-in-Chief

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Face it: it’s been ingrained into our heads since childhood that the US is far more superior than any other country in the world. We’ve been told that we have more freedom, more opportunities, and more patriotism than any other nation – which, to some extent is true – but, is the US still the thriving nation that it once was? Well, let’s take a look at statistics. The results might surprise you.



  • Education

After a comprehensive world education report was released, it was noted that the US’s results were not at the top of the ranking. South Korea was. Even Canada, our neighboring country, had scored even better than us. Compared to other nations, the US ranked 14th place in reading, 25th place in math, and 17th place in science.

  1. Economy

In this category, our economy is still superior



  1. Happiness


The US is indeed not the happiest; Norway is. The US landed 14th place.

  1. Healthcare

Should the US hop on the universal health care train? Many of the countries who do have universal health care are more happier nations. Perhaps this has a correlation. Perhaps not.

  1. Divorce Rates


It’s not surprising that the US is on the top. These days, you are surprised when someone’s parents are still married.

  1. Drug-related Death Rates

  1. Waste

  1. Body Image

  1.  Life Expectancy