Passion for art


Chelsea Kilgore, senior, always had an interest in art, resulting in exploring her passion through extra art classes outside of the district since fifth grade.

Kilgore has won three different art awards, including the YSU Art Show for a postcard design, third place in the MCCTC Art Show, and received an honorable mention for the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for two consecutive years. Additionally, she was one of three Poland students to be accepted into a program at The Butler Institute of American Art for advanced high school art students. Only 8 students total from the region were accepted.

Kilgore said, “We did a still life project where we put glassware in front of a black fabric background, and we did that in white charcoal over a black canvas. That was probably my favorite thing that we did because I thought it was fun to work on technique, precision, and accuracy. I also really like the painting that we do, not something in particular, but I like a lot of our painting assignments.”

Kilgore plans to continue with her passion for art in the future, and she wants to major in architecture and possibly minor in art.

Kilgore said, “I think my favorite thing about art is that you can do whatever you want; you can make whatever you want and portray your own ideas and your own theme in it, and someone else can look at it and see something totally different.”

We wish her good luck as she continues to follow her dreams into the future!