Is Christmas celebrated to soon?


       Considering the fact that Thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet, many people believe that it is too early for anyone to be in the Christmas spirit. Some people’s favorite thing about Fall is the fact that Christmas is coming up in a few months and their excitement leads them to listening to holiday music and sometimes even decorating well before December or even Thanksgiving. Simply put, there is nothing wrong with this. Christmas is an extremely happy holiday and brings joy to many around the world. Is there ever really a “too early” time for this kind of happiness? Sure, walking into Target or another store and seeing an enormous amount of Christmas decorations can be pretty overwhelming, but it doesn’t do any harm to anyone.

    The values and traditions that come with the Christmas season are something that should be prominent all year round. Often times this is not the case though. After the Christmas season is over many people go back into their old ways of being grumpy and rude to other people. During the Christmas season people are more joyful and studies have proven this. Matt Killings worth from The New York Times said , “As part of my research, I’ve collected data from more than 20,000 people who report how happy they feel at randomly selected moments during daily life. These data reveal that we actually are happier than usual on holidays. In fact, Christmas Day, though not celebrated by everyone, is the happiest day of the year by a significant margin.”

   All in all Christmas is a holiday where the joy and traditions can be enjoyed all year round.