The Seminarian

How to Shop Locallly

Blake Huemme and Mason Planey

May 26, 2020

To shop locally during this pandemic (Covid-19), there are many ways to stay safe. You can shop online, such as, buying groceries, equipment, toys, etc… Another way for businesses is take out food.  However, if you want...

Learning to Learn From Home

Emma Poland and Madison Genova

April 3, 2020

During these crazy times in the world, kids all around the world are having to learn how to learn at home. Currently, kids from preschool to college are at home doing all of their classes online. With that being said, it is...

Photo Credit: Reporter Lily Baird

Holiday Trip to Kraynak’s

December 20, 2017

New and Confusing

New and Confusing

September 26, 2016

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