Christmas List Article


 During the month at the end of November through December, kids make their Christmas lists for their parents and tell them what they want. Parents go Christmas shopping in stores or online for their kids. Christmas lists are not for little kids, but they are for everyone to enjoy. After everyone opens their presents on Christmas Day, they got some stuff on what they asked for. When teenagers ask their parents what they want for Christmas, they usually get clothes, make up, and gift cards. Making a Christmas list is really fun because you can wish what you want, for example: I sent links from different websites to my parents, so they can know where it’s at on each website. 

 On Christmas morning, kids and parents get to open their presents, and see what they got for Christmas. After kids open their presents, it is very important that they get what they want. Everyone is very transcendental that Christmas is coming, and they can’t wait to spend time with their families and open presents. I’m really looking forward to Christmas coming and opening presents. I wish everyone to enjoy their Christmas and be grateful for what they have. I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year. 

When questioning my friends and teachers about what they want for Christmas they said: 

Mr. Hall: “Shopping for clothes not going to the store, so I hope someone gets me a giftcard to a website called” 

Mrs. Kerpelis: “A plane ticket to Greece”

Officer Patton: “A new side by side”

Sidnee DeLuca: “Starbucks gift cards and Morgan Wallen tickets” 

Ellie Shaffer: “Shoes, clothes, and tickets to a music festival in Miami”

Mr.Daley: “Comfy cabin socks and slippers” 

Mrs. Wellington: “A tote bag, so I can carry all of my things from class to class.”

Francesca Rubesa: “New shoes and gift cards”

Katie Justice: “Clothes”

Peyden Grope: “Clothes, shoes, money, and makeup”