Thanksgiving Article 

Every year, Thanksgiving is celebrated by having a huge feast with your family. On Thanksgiving morning, you get the opportunity to watch The Macy’s Great American Marching Band perform on TV. People are thankful and grateful for nice things on Thanksgiving. What things that I’m thankful for are my friends, family, teachers, and food.  When asking my friends what they are thankful for they each had their own ideas. 

Ellie Shaffer: Nik McAleer and Peyden Grope 

Francesca Rubesa: family 

McKenna Bergman: peace, life, friends, family, and steak

Bella Beight: Andrew Slaven 

Sidnee Deluca: family and friends 

Nadia Zarbaugh: boyfriend, Terann, friends, family, and animals

Bella Khoury: family, friends, life, pets, Terann, and grandparents

Katie McDonald: family and friends, Ava Nicholoudis

Brooklyn Rowe: Terann 

Morgan Bailey: Volleyball Team, Lax Team, sister, and Handel’s Ice Cream 

Peyden Grope: friends and family

Kami Socha: friends, family, and boyfriend

Katie Justice: Ella Gaffney and Francesca Rubesa 

Ella Gaffeney: family