Types of Typing over Time


After asking a few students as well as teachers how they type, we received many different responses.

The two most common methods of typing are typing with only two fingers and typing by using multiple fingers.

The trend from our study shows that the teachers that we asked type more with multiple fingers, none use only two.

The teachers we asked also mentioned that they took a typing class in high school or college, whether it was on a computer or even a typewriter.

The trend we noticed with the student body, however, shows the opposite.

The results from our study shows that  underclassmen mostly type with only two fingers. This is contrasted by the upperclassmen who dominantly type with most or all of their fingers; only a few people we interviewed type with two fingers.

Younger students, those who were in middle school or underclassmen during the lockdown, spent a lot of their recent education typing.

Many students play the game Nitro Type which is a game to increase one’s speed in typing along with the thrill of competition.

Some students have this firm belief that it does not matter which way they type; they think it is just based on what you type.  

They believe no matter what method is being used, it is the same end result no matter how they get there.

This most likely reinforced the habit of two finger typing. However, it is not necessarily a bad habit, there is nothing wrong with this. Although it could be viewed as less professional than those of a full finger typer.

Teachers today and most adults are extremely efficient typers, more so than the younger generation.

As time goes on, more and more jobs require a computer and thus typing. This lack of capability could prove problematic for the next generation when it is their turn to enter the workforce.

Touch typing makes you faster.

This, in turn, means you will be more productive, as it takes you less time to do tasks so you can take on more work or assignments, or alternatively spend less time sitting at a computer. So, essentially full finger typing is more efficient and quicker!