Activities to participate in over Spring Break


With the spring break approaching in April, I thought it would be the perfect time to write about some fun activities to do on your week off and even just into the spring/summer season in general! 

I decided to interview a few  peers and teachers with the following questions.

“What have you decided to do over spring?” and

  • Madison Pfarr said, “I am working, hanging out with friends in town, celebrating my mom’s birthday, and sleeping in over my spring break.”
  • Mrs. Carpellus is reliable, very smart, and a caring teacher as well as tutor. She said, “Over spring break I enjoy going to church and relaxing. I am also going to a Morgan Wallen concert on Wednesday.”

“What is your dream location to go on over spring break?” 

  • Madison Pfarr said, “Bora Bora is my dream vacation because I would love to stay in an “over the water hut” and swim with the pigs.” 
  • Mrs. Carpellus said, “Old Fort Bay in Bahamas is my favorite secluded beach. Another dream vacation for the summertime would be to visit Greece.” 

The first list is organized with the ideas that cost nothing or very little: Let’s get started!

  • Idea #1: Go hiking at your local hiking trails: The first idea written is a very fun hobby recommended to pick up over spring break is to go on a hike! This is a very good idea to do over spring break and the summer when you have the extra free time. The people participating would choose whichever park is best for them. Maybe choose one that is close to home or sparks your interest. It is all about preference! It is most efficient and smart to research the hours it will be open in order to plan a good time to visit. Once you were to arrive at the location, most people enjoy driving around the park, going for a walk or run, or biking around the trails!
  • This is a very cheap and easy hobby to take part in and the only thing that this may cost you is some gas money or possibly a bike ride to the trail, depending on how far your trail is! Some suggestions on some trails to check out are: Boardman Park, Mill Creek Park, Mosquito Lake, Yellow Creek Park, Orange Park and more! To find more near you, research!
  • Idea #2: Go camping in your backyard: A fun idea found was to create your own mini camp trip in your backyard! If your backyard (or a friends backyard) is big enough, this activity would be highly recommended! The only things required to put in the yard are a tent, blankets, pillows, and a bonfire (if possible) !
  • It could be a lot of fun to chill outside for the day, then to transition into the night with a toasty bonfire. Many choose to roast some marshmallows under the fire as well. Safe camping!
  • Idea #3: Go on a run/ bike ride around your neighborhood/local town: Something people find fun and say is a good way to stay fit over spring break is to go on either a run or bike ride! It is mostly enjoyed when the weather is nice. However, some still choose to do this activity in whatever weather conditions thrown at them, so make sure to dress accordingly! Regardless of the weather, you will feel a lot better after and will feel so accomplished after this fun workout and activity! Stay fit!
  • Idea #4: Pick up some more hours at work (if you have a job): If you would be interested in making some extra money over spring break, a great idea would be to pick up some more hours! It would definitely be worth it to a lot of people to put in some of their extra time to make some more money while they have the chance!
  • Idea #5: Watch new TV shows or movies: Another idea that only requires television is this activity! Spring break is the perfect time to sit down and watch new shows or movies! This can be done on any platform possibly owned while you have the free time. This is a great time killer and will save you gas money from going anywhere and is cheaper than going to the actual theatres to see a movie.
  • Idea #6: Watch YouTube: The description of activity #6 is similar to idea #5! The same thing applies to the previous idea, with staying home. The only difference is you would now be watching your favorite YouTube channels.
  • Idea #6: Create New Pinterest Boards: Something many people find to be enjoyable in their free time is to scroll through Pinterest and customize their boards. It is a great app and resource to decide on. It is fun to online shop, create dream lifestyles, look at animals, etc. Anything you could ever imagine of would be posted on there.
  • Idea #7: Attempt a new workout/ Workout video! A fun way to stay in shape over your spring break would be to plan a workout! A great resource to use and research great and effective workout video would be on YouTube. Sidnee DeLuca would recommend the YouTuber “Chloe Ting.” She really makes you work hard.
  • Idea #8: Clean out your house!: A great idea and activity that takes up as much time as you would like it to is cleaning. Some people enjoy cleaning and some people don’t. However, for those who do not enjoy to clean some choose to battle through that in order to fight their boredom and in order to keep their surroundings clean. There are many more pros to be listed to outweigh the cons of cleaning. Some advantages to cleaning are: keeping those around you happy, it is a good time filler, you will feel accomplished after completing, you will have a lot more clean spaces, you could feel more confident to have people over and it will make your surroundings look nice.
  • Idea #9: Try a new Easter recipe: A fun activity some people enjoy over their spring and Easter break is to try a new Easter recipe. It is pretty self explanatory starting with choosing your favorite recipes. You can use whichever resources you would like for research.
  • Idea #10: Try visiting a new park that you haven’t been to before: I went to Willow Park of Cortland! It was about a 45 minute drive from home, and I stopped along the way to pick up a friend that lives in the area. It was definitely worth it to catch up and enjoy the fresh air!
  • Idea #11: Go on a picnic: A fun activity that requires nice weather and very little amounts of money is to go on a picnic! People enjoy going to their local parks to sit down and enjoy the fresh air! Heres how:
    • How to picnic: The first step would be to choose a day you are available to picnic that also with has nice weather. The second step would be to invite anyone if you would like, but this is optional! The third step would be to shop for some snacks to bring in a cute little basket or bag. The fourth and final step would be to follow through with the plans by packing your snacks and driving to the park! Then you can eat, talk, walk, and have a great time! Enjoy!
  • Idea #11: Set up photoshoots with people/ take people’s pictures:  If something you would be interested in is taking pictures of things or people, then a fun hobby for you would be to take on is to have photoshoots! It is always a great time for the narrator to be behind the camera with some of her best friends, and it is also an easy way to make more friends!
    • Typically, when I plan a photoshoots, I plan accordingly. I like to make sure the person is available on a day with nice weather.
    • If you aren’t on the social side, or the person you want to have a photoshoot with is not available, it is also a possibility to take pictures of natures and animals.
    • The last step of this process is to go through all of your fun pictures, choose your favorites and edit them! Then feel free to send them that person from the photoshoot’s way if you took their picture.
  • Idea #12 Go on/Set up an Easter Egg Hunt: A fun activity aimed towards more young children would be to participate in an Easter Egg Hunt! Others choose to either bring them or set one up for their children, nieces/ nephews, and cousins!
  • Idea #13 Go out for ice cream: A lot of people enjoy either going out to get ice cream or taking some out of their freezer! A local ice cream shop I stopped at over break is called Handel’s Home-made Ice Cream. They are open from 11 A.M. until 10 P.M. You can also look up their menu with prices if you would like yo see that before heading over! Enjoy!

The ones that require some money: 

  • Idea #1: Make your friends and family Easter baskets! 
  • A great idea for spring break is to get your friends and family some cute easter baskets! It is very easy to complete, however it does require a decent amount of money.
  • My shopping list consists of:
  • All her friends favorite candies
  • Gift cards for her loved ones
  • Flowers and candy for her mom
  • Idea #2: Take a trip to your local gym (if you have a gym membership or someone who has one).
  • Idea #3: Plan a road trip: Another fun activity that can be very expensive. It depends on where the reader decides to go along the way. Plan accordingly, and save up for any expenses you would need to prepare for. Some locations in Ohio you could check out are: The Cincinnati Zoo, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Hocking Hills State Park, Mosquito Lake, and many more other places.
  • Idea #4: Plan a week of vacation: This is most likely the most expensive activity. This could be the same as idea #3. However, it can vary from camping as a road trip style versus the beach vacation style. Families love to prepare a variety of different vacation stops. Typically, they tend to be expensive, but just like some other activities, they can be all about the readers’ preference. The flight tickets and hotel rooms may be extremely expensive.
  • Idea #5: Go swimming: This activity would be considered an expensive activity in this category just because purchasing a pool or owning a membership somewhere is very expensive at times.
  • Idea #6: Visit a local beach close to home:  If it is nice outside, it is suggested to visit a beach! Some beaches in Ohio are: Headland’s beach, Alum Creek, Lake Geneva, Old Field Beach, Kelley’s Island State Park Beach, Huntington Beach, Burr Oak Lake, Maumee Bay State Park Beach, Euclid Beach, Nickel Plate Beach, Cedar Point Beach, Salt Fork, East Harbor State Park Beach, Turkey Creek Lake, and Connecticut Township Park Beach. If any readers would like to go further into their research and to see more descriptions of these beaches it is suggested to check out the website below:
  • Idea #7 Go to a concert: Planning a concert is extremely expensive. However, if you have the spare money it would definitely be worth your time! Several artists are going on tour while the weather is nice. If you think you have an interest in visiting an artist of your choice, it would be best to invest in some tickets fast! Don’t let them get sold out until it is too late!
  • Idea #8 Get your hair done: An extremely expensive but also worth doing, is scheduling a hair appointment! It depends on what you are going for, some choose to cut off several inches of their hair, color their hair such as getting light highlights, or completely changing it to a different color that may suit them. The most expensive would be to color it a completely different color.
  • Idea #9 Get your nails done: Something that many people love to do is book nail appointments with a nail salon. Even though some people spend a ton on their nails it is definitely worth it to give it a shot if you want to feel more confident and happy in your apperance.
  • Idea #10 Go shopping- The next activity that requires money in order to complete, is to go on a shopping spree! However, Not every spree requires spending hundreds of dollars, some people choose to spend less. It is all about preference. Some choose to thrift at Uptown Cheapskate, Salvation Army, or Platos Closet of Boardman. However, other shoppers choose to go into the Southern Park or Eastwood Mall. Other people order their clothes online and a very popular app and website right now would be Shein. Others use amazon and more! Enjoy your shopping!
  • Idea #11 Try a new food or visit a new restaurant: If you are budgeted properly a great idea to take on is to visit a new restaurant that interests you! It is best to research what time the restaurant will be open, and their menu to plan pricing. If you aren’t able to or aren’t interested in visiting a new restaurant you can always visit one you have been to, However, if interested possibly try a new food on their menu to switch it up!
  • Idea #12: Go fishing: A fun activity that requires a fishing license, fishing pole, bait, and location would be fishing! The reason this is catagorized under the expensive side is because of the pricing of fishing poles, bait, and requires some driving depending on where you would decide to go.

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