Phone usage in school

Should phones be used in school?

Phone usage in school

Gianna Aromando

It is often a rule in schools that you should not use your phones because they are a distraction. Personally, I think we should be allowed to have our phones in school because they can help us in many ways.

Students should not be allowed to have them out during a test or a class discussion. However, sometimes students need to get a hold of someone who’s not with you and most times the only way to do that is through phone usage. Teachers and staff often think that if we’re on our phones we’re cheating but that’s not the case at all.

We can always use our phones as helpful tools not just to communicate even though communication is important throughout the day. I’m not saying we should have our phones out at every second but banning them from being used at all I think is taking away something that doesn’t deserve to be taken away. People should trust their students more and give it a try before just banning them completely because every new grade and every new person can have a new outlook on phone usage.