OMEA District 5 Chamber Choir Festival


Emily Gerak, Staff Writer

The Poland Seminary High School Chamber Choir attended the OMEA (Ohio Music Education Association) District 5 Chamber Choir Festival on November 7 at Newton Falls High School at 7 p.m., which featured chamber choirs from 10 area high schools, the Westminster College Chamber Choir, and a combined choir of over 200 singers conducted by Dr. Samuel W. Barbara.

The students from the Poland Choir will be performing two solo pieces: “Chili Con Carne” and “Weep Oh Mine Eyes.” Also, they performed three group pieces: “A Red, Red, Rose,” “How Excellent Thy Name,” and “Let Everything That Hath Breath. “

Students were able to perform with a college director, and many enjoyed the experience.

“I enjoyed the experience of performing with a college director. Also, the songs were beautiful as well,” said sophomore Breeona Baran.

Overall, the students enjoyed the opportunity to perform with other area high schools.

Junior Christina Tremonti said, “It was fun and a good experience.”

The Poland students who participated includes: Emily Gerak, Lisa Lawrence, Anna Spagnola ,Cheyenne Stevens, Samantha Gurd, Christina Tremonti, Sarina Krell, Marina Mediati, Breeona Baran, Kenzie Baker, Aubrey Bodendorfer, Jordyn Wheaton, Ian Grenzig, Seth Hammond, Noah Landry, Peter Koulianos, Max Franko, Justin Tremonti, and Jake Jeges.