Featured Athlete: Jonah Spencer


Featured Athlete: Jonah Spencer


Name: Jonah Spencer

Sport: Football

Position(s): Quarterback/Running Back

Height / weight: 5’10” 195lbs

Key stat(s): 600 yards rushing, 10 touchdowns, 2 passing touchdowns


Favorite pre-game meal: Chicken, protein bar, and some “refreshing” H2o

Key motivation: Being greater than opponent, winning as a team

Music: Kevin Gates, Meek Mill, Juice, DubStep, Lil Uzi, etc.

Other: Wears same undershirt for every game (superstition)


Seminarian: Is football your favorite sport?

Jonah Spencer: Of course.

Sem: Why do you play football?

JS: I play football to have fun, and win out on the field with my brothers.

Sem: If you were to start your career over, what would you change and why?

JS: I would change my previous work ethic

Sem: What do you do to push yourself to the limit?

JS: I let the thought of winning be my motivation. I think about going out and having fun with all of my close friends and winning as a team.

Sem: What will you be doing in the off-season to make yourself even better for next year?

JS: I’ll be doing a lot of lifting, footwork, and a variety of drills and conditioning so I can come back as a bigger and better player next year.

Sem: Name one thing you really appreciate about your football experience.

JS: One thing I appreciate is the whole experience that football gives me. Being on the team is like having another family of brothers who look out for each other. High School football has also taught me to be humble and show respect to others.


Picture credit: Olivia Morgan