Computer Science Classes: Why Schools Need to Adopt Them

Computer Science Classes: Why Schools Need to Adopt Them

Jenna DeLuca, Staff Writer

The modern world becomes more technology driven each day, from smartphone usage to robots replacing human jobs in the workforce — it’s the driving force behind most aspects of our daily lives. It would only make sense that American students have the opportunity to educate themselves on the world of code, just as we have chemistry and math, but unfortunately, we don’t. In fact, many high schools don’t. As time goes on, technology will only grow like a wildfire in our daily lives, and so will our reliance on it. In order to adapt, we should at least have the basic knowledge of how basic coding/programming languages work.

Times have changed, and we need to get with them.

We need to understand that computers are only as intelligent as we make them to be. Computers don’t rule us; we rule the computers.

True progression in American education would be making computer science a crucial subject. Code is to technology as chemistry is to the natural world.

Students should be given the opportunity to educate themselves on what basic markup language structures a website: HTML, or hypertext markup language, and how CSS, or cascading style sheet, gives HTML it’s visual aspect. They should be educated in basic web-development, and what programming languages give them their behavior. We should learn what it takes to develop a basic smartphone app, learn how the command line on our computers work, and the basics of security. Most importantly, learn our computers inside and out.

Code is all around us: we need to stop avoiding it and learn how to use it.

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