“The Game”

“The Game” The Michigan Wolverines vs The Ohio State Buckeyes. Some say this is the greatest rivalry in college football today.

The Game

Vince Garayua and Ryan Maker

Ohio State vs Michigan

The game started off when Ohio State kicked off to the Wolverines, and held them to 4th down, forcing the Wolverines to punt the football. From there, Ohio State marched down the field. After being held to 4th down on Michigan’s 20 yard line, Meyer called on the field goal unit, in attempt to put up 3 points and take the lead. Unfortunately for the Buckeyes, their kicker Tyler Durbin missed the 37 yard field goal. Allowing the Wolverines to get the ball back with no harm done. The Wolverines couldn’t quite put a scoring drive together as the Buckeyes defense comes up big and only allows them to Michigan’s own 49 to punt. The ball would be punted all the way to Ohio State’s 11 yard line. There they would be held by the Wolverines defense for a very quick 3 and out.

The next series the Wolverines would take 12 plays and 4:57 to march into Buckeye territory and give their kicker Kenny Allen a chance to take the lead. That is exactly what Allen did as he nailed the 28 yard field goal to put the Wolverines up 3-0 early in the 2nd. Michigan would then kickoff to Ohio State and hold them to yet another 3 and out. The back and fourth defensive battle would continue until midway through the 2nd when Malik Hooker would come up huge for the Buckeyes as he picks off Wilton Speight’s pass and return it for a Buckeye pick 6. This would give Ohio State a 7-3 lead.  Michigan would then waste no time as they march downfield and score with 10 seconds left giving the wolverines a 10-7 lead going into halftime. Ohio State would get the ball at the start of the 3rd, but that would do nothing for them as Barrett would throw an interception to Jabrill Peppers. Thankfully for the Buckeyes that would cause no harm for Ohio State, as they would get the ball back after Wilton Speight fumbles the ball and gets recovered by Ohio State’s Davon Hamilton.

Ohio State would then take 7 plays, but have the drive end after a failed 4th down conversion attempt. Michigan would then capitalize and take the ball 22 yards for a Michigan touchdown, that would give the Wolverines a 17-7 lead over the Buckeyes. The Buckeyes would not get down after this though as just two drives later Jerome Baker would intercept Wilton Speights pass. This would set up for another Ohio State touchdown. But the Buckeyes would still be trailing 17-14. Four drives later the Buckeyes would get yet another chance at 3 points, and a chance to tie the game. But Tyler Durbin shanked yet another field goal, this time only from 21 yards out. The game would stay like this until late in the 4th when the Buckeyes would then come to rely on their kicker Tyler Durbin who was 0-2 on the day with two missed attempts. But this time thankfully for the Buckeyes he nails the 23 yard field goal and sends the game into overtime. Score tied 17-17.

At the start of overtime, Ohio State receives the ball first, and scores in only 2 plays, giving the buckeyes a 24-17 lead. Michigan would then score on a very nerve racking 4th down conversion on a pass to Amara Darboh from Wilton Speight. This would tie the game 24-24. Onto the 2OT Michigan would now start with the ball, and it would take 6 plays but the Buckeyes defense would hold the marching Wolverines to only a field goal. Putting the Wolverines up 27-24. The Buckeyes would then receive the ball, and on a very questionable call by coach Urban Meyer on 4th and 1 decide to go for it. Quarterback J.T. Barrett would then rush for 1 yard barely making the first down, and giving the Buckeyes a new life, and giving them a chance to win the game. The very next play that is exactly what Curtis Samuel did as he split the Michigan defenders for a 15 yard rushing touchdown. Lifting #2 Ohio State over #3 Michigan sealing Ohio State’s hopes of bring yet another National Championship home to Ohio.