Play Review: Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Jess Miller and Andrea Lucente

WOW! Congrats to the Poland players for putting on such a great production. The play took place here at Poland Seminary High School through 11/ 17/2016-11/19/2016. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow was a lovely production that was executed beautifully.

Some of the great actors involved in this production were Peter Koulianos, Paige Shoemaker, and Justin Tremonti.  A crowd favorite, Koulianos, brought a great energy to the stage and made it extremely entertaining to watch. As well did the other actors, but Peter had so much emotion in his role of Ichabod Crane. Paige Shoemaker who played the role of the very beautiful Katrina showed so much poise and really made the character come alive.

Thank you to all the Poland Players and Mrs. Fonagy for putting on a great production and we can’t wait for The Sound of Music coming soon!