Conference Championship Week: Top Games

PAC 12 Championship:

#8 Colorado vs #4 Washington, Friday December 2nd, 9 PM

Huge playoff implications with this game. If Colorado was to win, then, they will ultimately keep the Pac 12 from the college football playoffs. If Washington loses, I believe that the committee will give Michigan the 4th spot between Michigan, Colorado, Wisconsin, or Penn State, as they all have a loss to Michigan–especially after a hard fought game with the Ohio state Buckeyes. I don’t think that Colorado will defeat Washington, but anything is possible. I think it’ll be close, but Washington pulls out the win. Washington is talented and is coming off a monstrous win against rival Washington State.

Prediction: Washington 30, Colorado 24

Big Ten Championship

#6 Wisconsin vs #7 Penn State, Saturday December 3rd, 8pm

This game will be equally as important as the one above. There are questions regarding whether or not the Big Ten Champion should in, but it is very possible. Regardless of winner, the question will be “Should they jump Michigan and/or Washington?” The answer is  … It’s not that simple. Michigan has beaten both of those teams, but lost 2 of their last 3.  Washington, with a win, will be hard to keep out of the playoff, even with a weak schedule. Wisconsin and Penn State are on hot streaks,and one of them will come to a screeching halt. I believe the team that comes out with the win will be Wisconsin. They have a great defense, and it’ll be enough to get them by in a close one.

Prediction: Wisconsin 24, Penn State 20