Poland’s Got Talent


On December 10th 2016, two of our students from the junior class, Sarina Krell and Samantha Gurd will be auditioning for America’s Got Talent! The audition will take place in Cleveland, OH at the Huntington Convention Center.

The process of getting an audition is to go online and fill out forms.

Next, is an optional step,which Gurd had decided to do. The contestant records him or herself doing  the specified talent, and he or she has to then send it through the site, so the producers can preview it before auditions.

By doing this step, the contestant can get a fast pass, which is a slip he or she receives, so long lines can be skipped at the audition.

Gurd was lucky enough to not only be a recipient of a fast pass but was also messaged early about it. The message also said that the producers loved her video and could not wait for her audition on December 10.

Krell has performed at multiple choir concerts along with the talent show that is held every year. Krell was inspired to sing from her grandfather’s inspiration.

Krell said, “When I was two my grandpa and I were in the car, and I started singing a song by Kelly Clarkson, soon after, he started buying a bunch of equipment, such as microphones and others things over the years. I’ve been singing ever since.”

Gurd is 16 years old. She has also performed in multiple choir concerts and the talent shows every year. Gurd plays guitar and composes her own music. Also, she has been taking voice lessons for about six years. Gurd has been so immersed in music that the exact moment of inspiration is not definable. She has always known music.

Gurd said, “Oh, I don’t know; for me, it always just was. I just did it!”

The two students are both auditioning with the same talent: voice.

When auditioning for a show like this, contestants have to have multiple different songs prepared in your repertoire. Krell has “Take It All” and “When We Were Young” by Adele along with “Let It Go” by James Bay prepared for her audition.

While Gurd has the song “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival and some of her originals prepared for her audition.

If you see these young ladies, be sure to wish them luck before December 10!