Halfway Done…


Paige Neville, Chief Photographer/ Multimedia

As a senior myself, I spent most if not all of my high school years anticipating the end of it. Now that it’s here, it doesn’t feel real. Christmas is less than a month away, which means one thing for all of us students. Break.

The entire idea of break makes every single one of us happy, it’s a time we all look forward too! But for the seniors, this is our last Christmas break as a high school student. It’s a bittersweet moment for everyone of us.

After this- after December passes, we have five months left until we walk down the gymnasium to receive our diplomas. Soon, a lot of us will be leaving home for months at a time. We’ll be leaving our friends, family, pets, the comfort of our own beds. Soon it will be our last time walking into the auditorium while everyone stands for us as seniors. It’s nerve racking to think that soon, a brand new chapter of our lives will be beginning.

Time flies when you spend your days having fun with the people you love. All of the drama you encountered within your four years here at PSHS won’t matter after you leave here. As for the underclassmen, I know it feels like you’re going to be in this school forever. Trust me, I felt the same way. But sooner than you could even imagine, you’ll be in the same position as we are this year.