College Football Playoffs

Who’s in?


Vincent Garayua, Reporter


Week 14 has just finished up, and what a wild week it was. The question everyone’s asking is “who made it?”. We’ll start off with the defending National Champs and rank number one in the country Alabama.  #1 Alabama went up against #15 Florida Gators for the SEC championship this past Saturday. The Crimson Tide rolled over their opponents by a score of 54-16 to take the championship, and retain their #1 spot in the playoff ranking.

On the other hand since #2 Ohio State failed to make the Big Ten Championship, they did not play this past Saturday. This could’ve been very bad news for the Buckeyes.

As for #3 Clemson they took on #23 Virginia Tech hoping to capture their second straight ACC title. And that is exactly what they accomplished by holding off a late Virginia Tech rally in the 4th quarter to become ACC champs, and retain their spot in the playoff race.

#4 Washington went up against #8 Colorado. The game was very close going into the half as they went in 14-7 in favor of Washington. Washington didn’t waste anytime as they fired out of the gate in the second half as they outscored their opponents 27-3 in the second half. This gave Washington a whopping 41-10 victory. This again would secure them as the 4th and final playoff team. Holding off red hot Penn State Nittany Lions from capturing the final playoff spot after they upset #2 Ohio State earlier in the season, and with another upset this saturday over #6 Wisconsin by a score of 38-31.

So what are the official playoff standings then?

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide (13-0)
  2. Clemson Tigers (12-1) ( +1 spot)
  3. Ohio State Buckeyes (11-1) ( -1 spot due to not playing for Big 10 Championship)
  4. Washington Huskies (12-1)
  5. Penn State Nittany Lions (11-2) ( +2 spots after upset over Wisconsin)
  6. Michigan Wolverines (10-2) ( -1 after failure to compete in Big 10 Championship)
  7. Oklahoma Sooners (10-2) (+2 spots after win over #10 Oklahoma State)
  8. Wisconsin Badgers (10-3) ( -2 after loss to Penn State)
  9. USC Trojans (9-3) ( +2 spots after win over Notre Dame)
  10. Colorado Buffaloes (10-3) ( -2 spots after loss to Washington)

These are your top 10 final playoff rankings. Although all will compete in a bowl game only the top 4 will have a chance to compete for the biggest prize in College Football. Tune in Saturday December 31st at 7:00PM for #2 Clemson as they take on #3 Ohio State

And #1 Alabama vs #4 Washington at 4:00PM.

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