There’s “Snow” Place Like Home


As the winter season is rolling in and it starts to get cold outside, there are still many exciting ways to go out and have fun:

  • Ice Skating at PPG park in Pittsburgh- . Admission is $8.00 for adults and $4.00 for ice skate rental.
  • Drive around and looking at Christmas lights- There are multiple houses in Canfield that the radio is synced to the music. You can also go on a drive through Boardman Park and look at the lights.
  • Make Gingerbread houses- It is a fun activity to do indoors if it’s chilly outside. There are gingerbread house kits for sale at target. Then you can buy candy and icing to decorate with. Also, eating the icing and candy is a bonus.
  • Sledding- is another way to get outside and enjoy the snow. Grab a bunch of friends and go to Millcreek Park.  On the way home grab Hot chocolate from Dunkin or Starbucks.
  • Cleveland Cavs game- take a trip to Cleveland to watch the Cavs play.
  • Netflix- There are many Christmas movies available on Netflix. You can watch unlimited movies for $8.00 a month, and your first month is free. Grab some blankets and popcorn.