Stocking Gifts!


Christmas is right around the corner and the last minute shopping has begun. Are you stuck on what to put in stockings? Here are some ideas to help your shopping!

  1. School Supplies: Even though teens don’t really ask for school supplies for Christmas, we actually do need some!
  2. Bathroom items: Deodorant, Perfume, Soap, Lotion
  3. Candy: Everyone loves candy
  4. Jewelry: Does not have to be expensive at all! Get a cute $8 dollar ring and throw it in there.
  5. Makeup/ Nail polish: For the girls a course.
  6. Water Bottles: Everyone needs more water bottles!
  7. Gift cards: Easy and gives the person a chance to get what they want.
  8. Candles: Parents and teen girls LOVE candles… Take hints boys.
  9. Phone cases
  10. Socks/ underwear: Maybe give these ahead of time so they won’t be opening underwear in front of the whole fam!