Midterm Cramming Guide


PSHS Midterms are one week away, and the panic is starting to show. While you should have been studying over break, let’s be honest here, just about no one did; here are some helpful tips to help you catch up.

  1. If you don’t already know, find out what grade you have in the class so far. You can do this by checking Progress Book or just asking your teacher for you current grade in the class. Whichever class you have the lowest grade in is where to start. Midterms are supposed to be a test over all that a person had learned thus far in the class; however, to fit it all in one period, the test should be over only a small portion of the information that a student has learned. So there is no need to reread every last word in a book or textbook that you have done so far.
  2. Skim over the chapters that you think that you know most of the information. Only reread the sections or ideas that you did not do well on in the past or that you feel that you still struggle with.
  1. If you still feel like you do not understand any of the information, and everything you read looks like gibberish, it is time to start a study group. There are a few guidelines to maintain a good study group:
  • Have people in it that you can stand being near for at least an hour or two
  • Alway have one or two people smarter than you in the group
  • Occasionally getting off track is okay; however, if a person is constantly changing the subject or distracting everyone, find another group
  • All meet up at a reasonable time
  • Bring food and water
  • Maybe go to the library where you are forced to maintain mostly quiet so that things will not get out of control.
  1. Do not wait until the night before to study, for the harder classes; if you do this, you may not like the outcome on your test.
  1. For CCP (College Credit Plus) students only, if you are taking a class from YSU, your midterm most likely will count  for about 30% of your grade.

Good luck, PSHS!

Midterm Schedule is Here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1p4QVlFIuwZeXKHCo-C0_4OlvNLIzhXrZ4S4qY_61T-o/edit