Lax season begins

To find out more info about Lacrosse we interviewed Sarah Burkert

Izzy/ Bri- How many years have you been playing?

Sarah Burkert- 3 years now.


Izzy/ Bri- What do you like most about lacrosse?

Sarah- Everyone on the team is learning to play together.


Izzy/ Bri- What is your position on the team?

Sarah- I play midfield and forward.


Izzy/ Bri- When are practices and games starting?

Sarah- We have open practices now, so anyone can see what lacrosse is like. Team practices start on February 22 and the season starts on March 20.


Izzy/ Bri- If someone is interested in playing who should they talk to?

Sarah- There are information packets in the athletic office, or they can email- [email protected] 


Izzy/ Bri- If you could give advice to upcoming lacrosse players what would you say?

Sarah- This is great time to get involved, we’re having a lot of fun being part of something new!

Sarah also had to say that this lacrosse season is its first year at the school. It
s also the first year the OHSAA is recognizing lacrosse as a sport, which will cause the sport to grow across the state.