The Last Semester of High School


 The last semester of high school has finally arrived. Students have been having many mixed feelings about it. Some are more than ready to be done and others wish that these four years hadn’t gone by so fast. We decided to ask some of the seniors at PSHS how they feel about the final stretch of high school.

First, our sports editor, Reid Gould, shared his thoughts:

“As a senior, I have been working since the first day of kindergarten. This is supposedly the “best time” of my life. Prom, and graduation are coming soon. Isn’t this supposed to be a laid back semester? I am always asked where are you going to go to school and the most annoying question, what are you going to do with your life? Although, us seniors have dreams that we are considering, does anyone ever know what they want to do for the rest of their life?  

At eighteen, it is irrational to think that we will know exactly where we are going. Most teenagers struggle with deciding what they want to do next week, let alone what they want to do for the next 50 years.  Even adults who choose a career often change their minds years down the road, going back to school etc.

As I start my last semester of senior year, I am ready to enjoy these events we have looked forward to for years. A few months from now, everything will change. So as I begin this last semester of high school, I have one piece of advice to the underclassmen.

Don’t be afraid to get out, look forward to the next step.” 

Here are some other senior views:

“This is a bitter-sweet time, but we have to take advantage of the time we have left with each other. I’m excited to see what everyone’s plans are for after high school,” said Bella Bury.

“I have enjoyed my time at PSHS, but look forward to the next chapter of my life,” said Colt McFadden.

“I’m ready to end this chapter of my life & begin a new one,” said Audrey Schweers

“I’m excited to finally graduate!” said Rachel Boano.

“I’m ready to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt!!” said Paige Shoemaker.

“Bittersweet,” said Marcus Trevis.

The seniors of Poland Seminary High School have a lot of mixed feelings about the last 18 weeks of High School. The majority of students are ready to move on; however, they are sad to leave these memories behind.

One of our staff writers, Jamie Ranalli, also, shared his view from the junior perspective. While this is not the last semester of 2017 for him, he reflects on what this semester means for him as a junior:

“As a junior at PSHS, my years of education are more than halfway over. While these days at PSHS have been tiring and stressful, it has been very beneficial to my personal growth and knowledge.

The thought of being a senior next year is frightening. It seems like just yesterday that me and my friends walked into the middle school for our first day of seventh grade. While we are nearing the end of our run towards our diplomas, we are not only relieved, but a bit stressed. This is the time where we have less than a year to get in our final ACT scores, try to get scholarships, and prove ourselves to colleges that we are worthy to further our education with them. So, while we are here, we should all close out strong by, attending events, doing our best in athletics, and getting the best grades we can possibly get.”