FEATURED ATHLETE: Anthony Charles Murcko



Name: Tony Murcko

Sport: Wrestling

Height / Weight: 6’ 152 lbs.

Key Stat(s): Ankle Pick King


Favorite pre-meet meal: Spaghetti Dinner

Key motivation: Attention to detail

Music: Country, Rap, Beethoven

Other: Tends to wear head-gear all the time. On and off the mat.


Seminarian: “Is wrestling your favorite sport?”

Tony Murcko: “I don’t have a favorite sport. I love all of the sports that I play.”

Sem: “Why do you wrestle?”

TM: “I wrestle because I love the sport and always have. It is also a way that I can legally release my anger.”

Sem: “If you were to start your career over, what would you change, and why?”

TM: “I would try to come in at a lighter weight class because it is much easier to win in a lower weight class.”

Sem: “What do you do to push yourself to the limit?”

TM: “I practice with the hardest workers on the team and always push my body to the max.”

Sem: “What did you do in the off-season to make yourself even better for this year?”

TM: “I ran constantly throughout the off season and lifted weights, while still maintaining my weight.”

Sem: “Name one thing you really appreciate about your wrestling experience.”

TM: “The brotherhood I have formed with my teammates is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. It has also helped me mature and grow as a man.”

NOTE: Photos provided by Tony Murcko