Is it Too Early to be Talking About Prom?


Kelsey Thompson and Melanie Black

The Prom Bomb has been dropped! Over the weekend many people were asked to go to prom with cute “prom-posals.” Prom is on May 5th, so is the middle of February a bit early? We don’t think so. The earlier, the better. Girls need time to plan everything out and find the perfect dress as well as make hair and makeup appointments, which is hard to do without a date. All through high school, girls dream about the perfect prom night. We need time to plan it, so it’s just how we want it! Also, after the dance, a fun weekend usually follows. That takes a lot of planning! Whether you’re going to an amusement park or staying the weekend in a cabin with your friends it’s crucial you have enough time to make reservations/buy the tickets.

You have to remember, Poland isn’t the only school having a Prom, so many things will be booked and reserved quickly. The faster you get asked, the faster you can plan out everything from the dress, to the dance, to the entire weekend. Hopefully, you get asked soon enough, so you can start planning your perfect prom weekend!