Welcome, Mrs. Iberis!


Megan Johnston, Editor in Chief

Recently, Poland selected an Interim Principal at McKinley Elementary after the retirement of Mr. Kempers.

She is very happy in her new position.

“This job has been different than any other jobs I have had. It is so much fun, and there is never a dull moment. Poland is a great school district, and they are always improving. Poland teachers care so much about the kids personally. It is heartwarming to see,” Mrs. Iberis said.

The list of jobs Iberis has had is never ending; however, all of them have something in common. They all are working with children. From being a cheer coach to being a newspaper advisor, Mrs. Iberis has done it all. She previously taught at Lowellville schools as an English Teacher and more recently has worked as an Instructional Supervisor at MCESC (Mahoning County Educational Service Center).

Throughout her career, she keeps students at the forefront with her decisions.

“I do everything for kids. I have a post-it note on my desk saying, ‘Is it best for kids?’ and I have used it through my entire teaching career. If I ever get stressed out, I look at the post it note and realize that I am here to help, and that’s exactly what I want to do,” Mrs. Iberis said.

Mrs. Iberis has three kids who are in the school district. The oldest Joey is in 7th grade, Tyler 4th grade, and Carter 1st grade. She thinks Poland is the best place for her children to be.

“I want to retire in Poland. It is such a great place, and I am happy here!” Iberis said.  

We are very happy to welcome Mrs. Iberis!