Uncle Father’s Day Band

Richard Bailey and Gianna Aromando

Uncle Father’s Day Band 

The talent show which took place on Monday February 6 had a special guest singer, Mr. Suchora, English Teacher. He sang a total of 4 songs with the help of a student band, which was included Seth Hammond,  Justin Tremonti, Max Franco, Chris Economis, and Noah Lee.

Mr. Suchora said that there were several tactics that he used to keep himself calm, and he said that he was not calm at all and did a lot of pacing and repeating lyrics in his head. He also sang along with actual recordings of the song to practice.

The songs included “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash and“The Devil Goes Down to Georgia” by Charlie Daniels Band.

Mr. Suchora stated that while the performance went way better than he expected, he would not have been able to do it without his band.

When asked about them, he said, “It is all about my student musicians.”

He stated that much practice was put into this performance from both him and his band members, and he was very pleased with how it turned out.

During the performance, many students cheered him on.

He also told us that they were very supportive of him, and his daughter even made a guest appearance on stage.

Although he would not do this again, he said that he will never forget this not only for as long as he is a teacher but for as long as he lives.

Mr. Suchora explained to us that he as an educator who understands that as students a lot is asked of us; he explained that he knows presenting something in front of the whole class is not always something that students want or feel comfortable doing, and he said that it felt good for him to be able to lead us by example.

Students were overall very impressed with his performance and enjoyed seeing his daughter participate in it.