FCCLA Helps the Animals


Richard Bailey and Gianna Aromando

Recently, FCCLA (Family Career and Consumer Leaders of America), which is led by Ms. Walsh, has been volunteering at New Lease on Life in Struthers, OH on Thursdays 4:30-6:30 p.m.

Some of the members of FCCLA, Gia Digiacomo, Connor Wilson, Brianna Sebastien, and Lauren Gates, were very positive about the experience. 

Club members said that at the shelter they clean food, walk the dogs, seal floors, and put bake sales together. This is a lot and really takes the full efforts of FCCLA. Ms. Walsh attends all of the volunteer sessions too.

Junior Brianna Sebastian said, “I just really like being there in the company of her friends and seeing all of the cute animals.”

Many of the members agreed that their favorite part is seeing the animals.

Junior Lauren Gates said, “For the most part, I really love the animals and just helping them out brings me joy.”

Some members feel that this is something they will continue to help with in the future outside of the club too.

Junior Connor Wilson expressed how he plans to have pets of his own and continue coming to New Lease on Life to help out.

For some students, this has also furthered interest in a career path.

Sophomore Gia DiGiacomo said that she plans to be a vet tech.

Overall, the students have been excited about helping the shelter during their free time after school through FCCLA.

FCCLA Advisor Ms. Walsh has been helping there for six years and strongly believes in volunteering. She is happy to share her passion for animals with the students.

Ms. Walsh  reflected, “Hopefully, the students develop a passion for volunteering, so they continue to do it throughout their lives.”

There is a donation drive currently where students are bringing supplies for the animals to their first period classes. The donation drive ends on Friday, March 24. Bring your supplies to first period in order to help out!