La La Land Review


Samantha Gurd

A young wanna-be actress, named Mia, (Emma Stone) and a striving Jazz musician, named Sebastian, (Ryan Gosling) cross paths and fall in love. The movie traces the difficult path that both lovers have to follow in order to achieve their dreams. Set in Los Angeles, a city known to shatter everyone’s dreams, the biggest question is how will their goals as well as their relationship be able to endure the hardships of fame.
La La Land is exactly what people have been describing it as; fantastic. The love story and the entire plot proves to be very realistic compared to most films. For those that are into singing and dancing this is a great movie for you! The elaborate dance scenes really add to the entire movie and the songs perfectly capture the personalities and motives of the characters. Over all I can definitely say that this film will put you in “La La Land”!