Poland Senior Volunteers in Sri Lanka

Poland Senior Volunteers in Sri Lanka

Jessica Miller, Reporter

Poland Senior, Gina Cooper, is taking a volunteer trip across the world in order to help the people of Sri Lanka. She is taking almost three weeks out of her summer to teach young monks English. To help make this happen, she has started a GoFundMe page to raise money to help the people overseas. Donations are welcomed on her GoFundMe page and would be greatly appreciated!

  • Why do you want to be a volunteer for the IVHQ organization?

I like the idea of traveling to unique countries that have completely different cultures and all together lifestyles then we do in the U.S. They aren’t as privileged as us and I want to help them have a better life and maybe give them more opportunities.

  • Tell me about your current and past volunteer work?

I don’t have an abundance of volunteer work under my belt, aside from small local things, but I figured I would start big while I have the chance before college starts.

  • How much time do you plan on volunteering in Sri Lanka?

I am going to be gone for almost three weeks due to travel time, but I’ll be volunteering with IVHQ for two full weeks. On the weekends we have some free time to explore Sri Lanka and sightsee famous landmarks.

  • How do you feel about working with other people?

I’m really excited to meet so many different people. Because IVHQ is international, there will be people from all different countries and different backgrounds that will be volunteering alongside me, surrounding me with even more culture and beliefs.

  • What is the plan of action when you arrive in Sri Lanka? (what will you be doing)

Due to my mom being a teacher, we are doing a teaching project, where I’ll be teaching young monks English. When I’m not teaching them I am helping build new schools for them and renovating old ones.

  • What is the process you have to go through to volunteer in another country?

It starts with an application that you have to send into IVHQ to be accepted. From there you pick the project you want to do and there’s a whole process involved. You need a criminal background check, vaccinations, visas, and passports, etc.

  • Who do you plan on traveling with to Sri Lanka? (anyone else volunteering with you)

I am going with my mom.

  • What are you most nervous about and most excited about?

I am nervous about how safe the country is and how I am going to feel after a 24-hour flight. However, I am really excited to meet new people and get a new perspective on what is really going on in our world and how the people in Sri Lanka live.