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Featured Athlete

Reid Gould

Featured Athlete:

Nick Petrolla



Name: Nick Petrolla


Sport: Baseball


Position: Catcher and Third Base


Height/Weight: 5’11” – 225lbs


Key Stat(s): .395 batting average, 2nd Team All Conference




Meal: Chick-fil-A


Music: Trap music, country, heavy metal, gospel, screamo, electronic dance music, Traditional New York songs, Mariah Carey Christmas Album, SpongeBob Movie Track List


Key Motivation: Proving the haters wrong




Seminarian: Is baseball your favorite sport?


Nick: “Yes”


Sem: Why do you play?


N: “I’ve always had a dream of playing in the MLB and to do that you have to play baseball.”


Sem: What do you do in the offseason to make yourself a better player?


N: “Get a bicep pump in, do some baseball drills”


Sem: How do you feel having very successful seasons the past two years?


N: “I feel great; unfortunately, I am injured right now. My come back will be greater than Lebron coming back to the CLE #WaitOnIt.”


Sem: Finally, how would you like this current season to end?


N: “Win state”