Featured Athlete: Alec Catsoules

Featured Athlete: Alec Catsoules

Reid Gould and James Ranalli


Name: Alec Catsoules

Sport: Track and Field

Events: 100m, long jump, 4×1  relay

Height:  5’ 11”



Meal: Chicken Sandwich

Music: Eminem

Key Motivation: Beating my personal records



Seminarian: Is track your favorite sport?

Alec: “No, football is, but track is great too.”

Sem: Why do you play?

A: “To get in shape for football and get faster”

Sem: What do you do in the offseason to make yourself a better track star?

A: “Run, lift, and speed train.”

Sem: How do you feel having very successful seasons the past two years?

A: “It feels good, especially now that I am jumping and running faster this year.”

Sem: Finally, how would you like this current season to end?

A: “By beating more records and winning as many meets as we can.”