Featured Teacher: Mrs. Kennedy


Mrs. Kennedy has been a teacher at Poland Seminary High School for 18 years; she has recently decided that the school year of 2016-2017 will be her last one.

Mrs. Kennedy said that while teaching, she enjoyed “developing relationships with students, the high levels of respect with students, helping students understand, and summers.”

She also said that she “loves the staff that she works with.”

She loves her job so much that she said her favorite memory from PSHS was the day she got hired.

Mrs. Kennedy has only ever taught math and went to Bowling Green University to get her Bachelor’s degree in math.

She said the aspect that she will miss the most is the fact that she will no longer have those special relationships with students.

She plans on spending her newly acquired free time playing golf, being with family, and most of all, she is looking forward to sleeping in. Although Mrs. Kennedy is retiring this year, she says that she loves being busy and is thinking about becoming a math tutor when she is done here.

We will all miss her very much and had a great time talking to her during the interview. However, as we are winding down on the end of the year, we take the time to reflect on her 18 years and feel grateful that we had the opportunity to have her as a teacher!