Recently, the cafeteria workers at the high school, Mrs. Ferraro and Mrs. Kampfer, were interviewed about their experiences while working at the high school, along with their years at other Poland Schools. We would like to express our appreciation for them and all that they do to make our lunches and time at Poland more enjoyable every day!!!


  • What’s your favorite part of working in the cafeterias at Poland schools?


Both women expressed that their favorite part was getting to interact with the students here. Over the years, due to working in the elementary schools, they have seen many of the students grow up, and they know some very well.


  • How long have you been doing it for?


Both Mrs. Ferraro and Mrs. Kampfer have been working for the Poland Schools for 18 years, but have not been at the high school for all of the 18 years.


  • Have you had any prior work in the food industry?


Mrs. Ferraro stated that when she first started working in the cafeterias in Poland, she had not had any prior experience. However, Mrs. Kampfer had worked at Steamer’s, known then as Smaldino’s.


  • The students appreciate you trying to mix up the menu all the time, what goes into deciding that?


The women both agreed that their main goal with switching up the menu is picking things that the students like. However, they need to stick with the health requirements laid out for them such as having whole grain and non-fat options along with servings of  fruits and vegetables.