Cross Country Updates


This year’s cross country season is really “running” smoothly, you could say, according to Coach Grisdale. The cross country team, which consists of 26 boys and 30 girls, turned out to be bigger than last year’s team. All 56 athletes this season are dedicated to this very punishing, yet rewarding sport.

Cross country is doing very well this season, with the boys team who placed third out of 45, as well as 4th out of 60 in the state. The girls team also won the Mahoning County meet. Coach Grisdale said that the senior class of boys are the hardest workers this season because they have all managed to qualify for state.

Coach Grisdale, who has been the coach for 20 years, describes the team as loyal, dedicated, and outgoing. She said it was the people that made her want to be a coach, even though at times her job as a coach can be pretty stressful. Since the team is not confined to one area, she must make sure that the team is safe from any harm. She also must make sure that no one collapses due to health issues.

When asked why anyone would want to join the cross country team, Coach Grisdale gave a hysterical and convincing answer: “I don’t know.” She describes it as a very punishing sport and that running hurts.

To prep for upcoming events, the team must be well-rested, drink water and/ or chocolate milk, and stretch and jog beforehand. Making sure that the racers are well-hydrated is a very important part of cross country.

Kaitlyn Battaglia, 17, is a senior on the cross country team. She said her favorite part of the sport definitely has to be her teammates. “Obviously running isn’t the most enjoyable activity, but having such nice and encouraging people with you everyday makes it so much better and definitely worth it,” says Battaglia.

When asked what she would want to tell someone considering joining, she said to definitely give it a try. “It really doesn’t make a difference how fast or slow you are. You will find people to run with and make so many new friends – not to mention it is a great way to get in shape!” says Battaglia.

The students and family of Poland Seminary High School, along with Coach Grisdale, can not wait to see what else cross country accomplishes this season. So until then… GO DOGS!