Student of the Week: Mona Steinle


Foreign exchange student Mona Steinle, junior, who came from the town of Bavaria in Germany, is enjoying her time at PSHS.

Mona enjoys the landscape of Ohio and the football games. But, she said her favorite part has to be the American fast food! Our culture is a lot different than that of Germany.

Mona stated that everything here is “bigger, cheaper, and we drive more cars.”

Mona has no idea what she would bring with her from Germany since she brought so much already!

Even though she does love the American lifestyle, she does get homesick. Mona only gets to talk to her family about once a week, but she said she does keep in touch with her friends more often. Mona says that she misses the feeling of walking into her house, as well as seeing her family and friends.

One of the reasons she wanted to come to the United States was “because of the high school movies!”

She said that the most nerve wracking part of it all for her was definitely the arrival and her first day of school, but with such a warming atmosphere, it’s hard to stay nervous for long here at Poland!