Athlete of the Week: Gianna Stanich


Ashley Ray, Staff Writer

Featured Athlete: Gianna Stanich


Name: Gianna

Sport: Cross Country & Track

Key Stats: In Top 7 for Girls Cross Country


Meal: Pasta

Motivation: She said that her motivation is the joy running brings her.


Seminarian: Why do you do cross country?

Gianna: I started running with my dad, and it keeps me in shape for track.


Seminarian: What is your favorite sport?

Gianna: Track.


Seminarian: How do you train offseason?

Gianna: I do swim team and indoor track/cross country.


Seminarian: How have you improved this year?

Gianna: Yes, I’ve improved my times from last year and have a better chance at going to state.


Seminarian: What is your goal time for the end of this season.

Gianna: To break 19 minutes (for a 5k or 3 miles)


Seminarian: How did you do at the meet this last weekend?

Gianna: I finished in 7th or 8th place.