PSHS Apparel is Ready for Sale!


Dani Scott, Co-Editor

The 2017-18 PSHS Economics team has been hard at work all year trying to design quality apparel for the students at PSHS! There is 5 items from each group and together that makes 10 items for anyone to purchase, online or from the people on the team selling them.

4th period will be selling crewnecks, quarter-zip Nike windbreakers, sweatpants, long/short sleeved shirts, and long/short sleeved dri-fits. 5th period will be selling windbreakers, crew necks, short/long sleeved t-shirts, short/long sleeved dri-fits, and lanyards.

There are two separate classes and each has a CEO and Vice President of Human Resource and is composed of all seniors. For 4th period, CEO is Amelia D’Angelo and Vice President of Human Resource is Nikki Spencer. For 5th period, CEO is Mark Pompeo and Vice President of Human Resource is Monica Kurjan.

There is 14 people in 4th period, also known as ‘Different Breed Productions’ and 24 in 5th period, named ‘Diamonds in the Ruff.’ Each having to compromise and come together to pick what they think their community will like the most, which a lot of the people involved think is their hardest quality to overcome, along with procrastination.

Kurjan says “[They] all listen to each other and never say anything negative,” which says a lot for a random group coming together and respecting each other’s’ opinions.

Pompeo additionally mentioned that the large amount of people is a good thing because “they can get a lot done and cover a wide sale radius.”

Most of the CEO’s and VP’s say that each of their t-shirts are their favorite of the items because each think their designs are unique and individual.

If you would like to purchase any of their items, you can contact a representative or you can go to either of their websites: Different Breed Production and Diamonds in the Ruff