Girls Basketball Pre-Season


With soccer, tennis, cross country, golf, and many other fall sports ending, student-athletes are getting prepared for winter sports. However, for many athletes who dedicate all their time to one sport, training never stops. 


Martin explained that the girls started training for the upcoming season about a month after their last game. They train by doing shooting drills, ball control skills, footwork, speed, and agility drills. However, Martin caters training to what certain athletes need. For example, he does more guard-specific training with the defensive players and more ball skills and speed work with the offensive players. He also bases training off of how the team is doing during scrimmages and how they are doing at practices.


According to Martin, the team is smaller than previous years and there are less incoming freshmen than in previous years, though he doesn’t seem concerned.


Martin explains “They make up for size in their effort, speed, determination, and love of the sport.”


And when it comes to picking varsity players he says it’s based on “effort, skill, team needs, and knowledge of the game.”


Overall, Martin is expecting a “very successful season,” and believes that the team “can go as far as their effort will take them.”