Mrs. Iberis’s New Impact


Lily Baird and Bella Catheline

In February of 2017, members of the Seminarian interviewed Mrs. Iberis about her new position as temporary assistant principal at Poland Middle School. Since then, it has become her official position, and she is very excited about it.

Iberis said, “When the opportunity came up last year to take Mr. Kemper’s place, I was so excited for that. It was a no-brainer when they posted the job for this year. I was like, ‘I have to apply for it!’”

Mrs. Iberis is so happy to be here and help with the staff and the students in the learning environment.

One of the major changes she has made since coming to Poland Middle School is enacting TAP or Targeted Assistance Program. It is a program where students who are struggling in certain areas or have gaps in certain areas go into this specialized program, and the Math and ELA teachers work with them to target those holes.

They then progress-monitor those students throughout the nine weeks and send home progress reports to the parents to see how they are doing.

She also started an advisory period time for grades 5-8 where they work on team building, get academic help from teachers, and work on different types of engagement projects, which are projects that help the student make interests they have into something educational.

As far as the future plans she has for the Poland Middle School, she talked about how in the future, she hopes that the school “grows and processes, so students learn in the most authentic way possible.”  

Many of the teachers talked about how positive she has made the learning environment for the students and staff.

Mrs. Hohloch stated that she’s “a friendly face”  and talked about how “when you get that person who is willing to smile all the time, that’s so nice. When you have an administrator that always wants to share a smile and has time and things like that for you.”  

Mrs. McMahon said, “I guess what’s nice for me to see is that she comes in, and she’s a mom; she has a motherly instinct with the kids, so it’s different.”

Mr. Daley said, “Overall, school is a lot more positive and upbeat with staff members and students.”

She has a really good attitude. She’s very open to not only the things we’ve continued to do here but new ideas we may have.”

— Mr. Wright

Mr. Wright said, “She has a really good attitude. She’s very open to not only the things we’ve continued to do here but new ideas we may have.”

Overall, the students and staff seem to be happy with the kind of impact and influence Mrs. Iberis has had and continues to have on Poland Middle School. We are, again, very happy to officially welcome Mrs. Iberis to the Poland Schools!