Superintendent Janofa Reflects on Positive Changes in Poland District


Superintendent Janofa spoke to Seminarian staff reflecting on his time at Poland over the last few years and emphasized progressive changes in the district.

Earlier in his career, some of Janofa’s proudest accomplishments thus far in his tenure with Poland include making neighborhood visits to Poland families to get to know the community better.

Another major accomplish that Janofa has focused his attention upon is passing all of the renewal levies as well as greatly improving building maintenance.

Janofa said, “The district was able to pass all renewal levies.”

Janofa reflects that upgrading many of Poland’s equipment for sports, including the addition of dugouts and a new scoreboard.

Janofa said, “Scoreboard funds were from the Athletic Department and All Sports Booster Club improved the dugouts.”

Currently, technology is a key component to the future of Poland schools. Janofa is making technology a focal point at every grade level by improving the technology departments across the district.

Janofa said, “You live under a rock if you don’t believe education isn’t moving fast; technology improves the ability to learn as fast as possible.”

Not only is technology a focus, but providing students the opportunity to earn college credits while in high school has been an accomplishment and something that he continues to expand upon.

Poland students earned 1200 college credits in the last year alone, approximately 3000 in the last three years, and had the highest ACT composite score in eight years.

— Superintendent Janofa

Janofa said, Poland students earned “1200 college credits in the last year alone, approximately 3000 in the last three years, and had the highest ACT composite score in eight years.”

Additionally, Janofa said that he believes college credit plus courses will leave the student with an advantage in the real world by broadening their learning abilities and giving them the edge they need to get employed over other candidates across the globe.

The students and their safety are his main concern at all times and come into account for every decision he has to make. Janofa reflects on two questions when determining security changes.

Janofa said, “How is this going to improve it? And, how is it safe?”

Janofa and the district has already immensely upgraded Poland Schools security at schools.

He also improved public transportation. According to Janofa, before he was employed, only two of twenty-five buses passed maintenance inspection. Now that number has increased to all twenty-five passing its safety inspections.

Not only that, but since he started, the district obtained five new buses, including a special needs bus for students in need.

For the future of the Poland District, Janofa hopes to have all of the district’s students “graduating with an advantage over anyone on the planet.”

Outside the boundaries of his job, Janofa loves his family, which includes his wife and three daughters. His main hobbies include golfing, hunting, and fishing, and he considers himself an outdoors type. Also, he loves to ride his motorcycle as often as he can.