How Early is too Early for Christmas?


Picture this, it is the week before Halloween; you are driving down your street, and amongst all the falling leaves and pumpkins, there are some houses already dolled up in Christmas lights and wreaths. The first thought that pops in your head is, ‘Isn’t it a little too early for this?’. But exactly how early is too early for Christmas?

Many people start decorating for Christmas and listening to Christmas music as early as September; some wait until after Halloween, and others wait until after Thanksgiving has passed. Personally, in my house, we put up our Christmas decorations either the week before Thanksgiving or the week after because my house is where the party is, and we want it to look nice.  

Sometimes, it can seem that stores jump the gun with Christmas decorations. Many people get upset over the fact that people seem to neglect Thanksgiving and skip right into Christmas mode after Halloween.

To some, Christmas season is the best time of the year because it is very joyful. There is Christmas music, decorations, Christmas cookies, snow, parties, and presents. What is there not to love?

To others, they do not want to take away from the other holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Overall, there really is no set answer for ‘How Early is too Early for Christmas.’ It all depends on your own personal preferences and traditions.