Mr. Snyder’s Thoughts on the Beginning of the School Year


David Cinco and Zachary Morocco

Mr. Snyder, Principal, reflected on the great achievements of the high school’s students this past year.

With fall sports coming to an end, Mr. Snyder reflected that he is extremely proud of the students success this season, and he’s even more impressed with the fact that the sports teams were able to achieve such success, while maintaining great academics.

He really emphasized that the district was ranked 35th in Ohio. Mr. Snyder was very excited to say that it was the highest ranking Poland has had to date placing 35th out of 600 schools in the state as well as placing first in the tri-county area. Snyder gives most of the credit to the students, the teachers, and the supporting of the families in the district.

As the first nine weeks came to an end, his initial thoughts were that it had been fantastic start to the year.

Snyder said, “I can consistently rely on the students and staff to keep this up as I have felt we as a school have been making continuous strides for the past few years.”

The Thanksgiving Assembly hosted by PSHS Student Council is coming up next week.

Snyder said, “I especially like these assemblies based on the fact that they are very uplifting and always have positive messages but also because the students play a big part in these events”.

Overall, Snyder is really excited about the positive note and positive energy for the beginning of this school year. He hopes to see it continue throughout the next nine weeks.

As Mr. Snyder would say, “Go Dogs!”