What Are You Thankful For?

What Are You Thankful For?

Renee Ho and Lily Baird

Thanksgiving falls on November 23 this year. Most people are looking forward to not having to go to school or work, and instead, eating delicious food with their family. The question “What are you thankful for?” is rarely on our minds so we asked students what they are most thankful for.

We interviewed students from different grades and most students thoughtlessly blurted out similar replies: family, food, shelter. We wanted something different, so we told students to give us answers that do not pertain to any of those three things. This time, students needed some time to think, and we received some very unique answers.

Bella Catheline, grade 9: “All the great friends that I have and my cat”

Ashley Ray, grade 9: “ I’m thankful for my bed after a long day”

Nola Argiro, grade 9: “I’m thankful for having good health”

Christina Cole, grade 10: “ I’m thankful for being adopted from Russia and that I am successful in life.”

Lauren Bayerl, grade 11: “My dog, because I love him”

Destiny Bartoe, grade 12: “My family because they’re always supporting me and willing to help during times of need”

Zach Morocco, grade 12: “Best friends who care about me”

Jenna DeLuca, grade 12: “An easier year than last year”


These are just some of the many answers. What about you? What are you thankful for?