A Warm Welcome to Mr. Ashcroft

A Warm Welcome to Mr. Ashcroft

Jenna DeLuca and Dani Scott

Edward Ashcroft has come to Poland Seminary High School and joined the staff as our new vice principal.

He retired in 2011 from his previous 36 years in education with an intent to begin a new chapter of his life, but he knew his heart was still in education. He then substituted for several years, and as soon as he saw the job listing for PSHS, he jumped right on it and thought it would be a great opportunity.

“From the moment I walked in the door, I’ve felt welcome,” he stated, recalling his transition to the new job.

Although he feels that he sometimes has to be the bad guy and lay down the law, he’s also learned that you can still be compassionate. He explained that he can “separate the actions from the student,” meaning he still cares about the student and does not look at them differently because of their behavior.

One piece of advice he had for the students is to “do all the little things well because they add up to big things.”

When asked about the important qualities that make up a good student, he responded that a good student consists of respectfulness, a timely manner, and is courteous towards other students.

“Good students develop good habits,” he added.

In regards to the seniors, he believes that it is normal to stress out about the future, but he wants to remind them to relax because it will all eventually work out.

“College isn’t for everybody,” said Ashcroft. “Do what fits you. Be very exploratory.”