The Pre-ACT Test


On Wednesday, December 20, 7:30 am, Sophomores will be taking the pre-ACT exam in the field house lobby. For one to have sign up, they would have to give $12 to Mrs. Hobart in guidance, via cash or check.

For parents and students who would like to know how this exam could prepare our Sophomores for the real deal, here are some benefits.

First, this is one of the best practice tests that are capable at mimicking the testing conditions of the actual ACT.

Second, it comes with interest inventory results that could help them plan their career. This also predicts ACT scores which seem to be very accurate.

After the practice test has been evaluated, the student will be given a detailed score report, along with the return of his/her actual test booklet.

Remember Sophomores, bring your own calculator and #2 pencils that are not mechanical, and good luck!