Student of the Month for December: Samantha Gurd

This month’s student of the month is Samantha Gurd.  Gurd had an outstanding performance in the fall play White Christmas.  She had one of the lead roles as Betty Haynes and did an excellent job portraying the character.


When asked what her favorite part of the show was, she replied, “My favorite part of this year was the cast and getting to perform with my best friends next to me.”

Samantha is a senior at Poland Seminary High School.  She is taking AP English 12 and is a very hardworking student.  


Gurd also has a Youtube Channel where she sings original songs and covers a variety of songs.  She started singing in third grade and took vocal lessons for six years after.  


When it comes to her future plans, Samantha says, “Right now, I’m planning on going to school for music education or musical theatre, but I’m not really sure which one yet.”


Samantha deserves to be recognized for her incredible talent and contribution to the school play.