How To Avoid A Holiday Heist


Ashley Ray, Staff Writer

Christmas is a special time of year. There is snow on the ground, shopping for gifts, and a break from school. But just because all these things are going on, doesn’t mean we can forget about safety.

According to our very own school police officer, Officer Kent, crime rates do increase during the Christmas season. However, there are ways to stay safe. Officer Kent gave several suggestions to stay safe during the holiday season.

To avoid break ins, Officer Kent recommends keeping doors locked, having a home security system, and to not hesitate to call the police if there is suspicious activity occurring.

While shopping at the mall, safety is also important. You never know when someone can try to take you, or take items from your car while shopping.

Officer Kent says, “It’s safest to shop with a friend.” This way, if anything were to happen to you, you have a back up, not to mention there is strength in numbers.

Officer Kent also says that keeping gifts, or any item of value in your car, is safest if kept hidden in the trunk; this makes it harder for potential thieves to see the items, so they are less likely to take them.

Lastly, road safety is important this time of year, especially with Ohio’s forever-changing weather. Officer Kent says that if it is icy or there is lots of snow, the best things to do are to remain calm, go slower, and keep a good distance from cars ahead and behind you.

So, this Christmas, remember to stay safe and have a happy holiday!