Update on PSHS Swim Team


The PSHS Swim Team is hard at work and has completed three swim meets. They also have an upcoming meet this Tuesday, December 19.

The swim team coach, Rachel Emerson, says the most important thing in swimming is “Dedication.”

Emerson said that it is important to stay motivated to improve times and to encourage teammates to do the same.

Emerson says that the sport of swimming itself isn’t difficult; however, “It is a hard sport to master.”

Emerson explains what a typical swim practice is like.

She said, “A typical swim practice is somewhere around 5,500 yards. Each length is 25 yards. Our practices are 6 days a week, two hours long each. We vary between distance and sprints.”

This goes to show that swim team is no joke; it is very demanding, but it is worth it to stick with it.

Coach Emerson hopes to gain more members next year and hopes to break relay records this season.

Overall, the swim team is doing great this year and hopes to do well at their upcoming meets this Friday, December 15, and Tuesday, December 19.